Writing Heals

Hello Intuitives!

The Journey begins here, and I cannot say how inspired I am to be here with you. I started writing during a time in my life when I truly needed to find the courage to express myself. Such an adventurer! Over the years I have used intuitive writing to express and heal myself in many ways, and I hope you’re ready to begin the journey of self-expression too.

Did you know that talking about our challenging experiences and wondrous milestones in life is a great way of easing the emotional pain of trauma? The latest research shows that writing your emotions in a journal speeds the physical healing process throughout the body.

The mind-body link between healing through intuitive writing shows that expressing emotions about a traumatic experience in a coherent way is important to not just mental, but physical health as well. The calming effect of writing has been known to facilitate the process of mending a broken heart, aid in the detoxification of our physical and mental bodies, and cut the physical wound healing time in half. The Intuitive Writing process offers many benefits, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

As I master my own journey as an Intuitive Writer, I encourage others to unleash their inner writer and open up to the healing process. The Journey begins here, and I will be with you every step of the way.



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